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4 months post Wash Day!

We'll it's wash day once again! So how will I wear my hair this week, since I have been enjoying my french braids for the last 3 week, lol!! It has been a while since I wore a braid-out so I think that will be the style of the week! I love braid-out because it looks so great and reminds me of the beach, wish I was there what about y'all?
So I began with wild hair, lol!!
I know right, I am four months post so the new growth is real! I began by deep conditioning on dry hair with ORS Replenishing Pak and deep conditioned with no heat! ( I worked in my yard for about 2 1/2 hours) and this chilled around for another 3 hours, lol so 5 hours total! If you know me this is nothing new, I leave deep conditioners in my hair for ridiculous amounts of time, I think my record is 3 days!!!
After that I proceeded to wash my hair with CHI Nourish Intense hydrating silk bath and condition with the coordinating conditioner. I always wash my hair in the shower it is easier for me and creates less tangled hair. I wash my hair twice, and put in the conditioner and clip my hair on top of my head while I wash the rest of my body, and the rinse out my conditioner with cold water to lock in the moisture. I then wrap my hair with my Turbie Twist for about an hour.
Next I will put my Cantu Shea Butter leave-in and part my hair in four sections to de-tangle. Can you see that new growth popping in that last pic, lol!!
Then I proceed to let my hair air-dry into a big poofy hair style, lol after which I will braid-up for my weekly hair-do (a braid-out)
I used my moisturizing mix of coconut oil (i usually use olive oil, but didn't have any, IKR SMH!!), water, and Vo5 conditioner. I braided my hair in six section and then sprayed my edges and put on my pumpkin head band, lol ( I couldn't find my other one), put on my bonnet and went to bed ( yea I wish, I watched TV and cleaned up my room)
The next morning I took the braids out and finger combed it till it came out like I liked it.

How was your wash day, what did you do to your hair for the week? Leave a comment below!
Check back Friday for the next DIY post!
Talk to you later
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The Wash Day Experience

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