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The Best Twist-out!

So my braid-out was looking kind of ruff after 4 days of pineappling it at night. Last night I decided to detangle my hair and do a twist-out (I did not wash or co wash my hair). I learned how to flat twist sometime last year, but have not done it in about six months or so. I am not the best at getting them real tight but I do alright I think.
I began by dividing my hair in three section, two in the front and the back. I then divided the two front section in to 3 sections each and the back section into 6 sections. I then used my moisturizing mix to lightly dampen each individual sections and began flat twisting.
Then I let it dry over night in my bonnet. Then next morning I took the twist out, but I was running late so I didn't get to take any pictures. I literally was taking my twist down in the car, lol!! Can I just say again the shine, softness, and just over look of my hair when I air dry with this mix is just fantastic! I think I am going to do a no heat challenges for the rest of the summer! I will let y'all know soon what I decide, but for now how about some pictures!! These pictures are all on the same day, one is outside and the other inside .

Do y'all do mid-week hair style adjustments, too? Leave a comment below!

Stay tune tomorrow for another DIY post!

Talk to y'all Later

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