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The Demolition

Now that I have a vision in my head and a very frugal budget, I had to get the bathroom ready to be updated. It is just something about destroy and stripping that is good for your soul, it melts all of your stress away! I remember while doing this that if I had a bad day, I would come home and do a little destroying and would feel so much better. I started by removing the counter tops


Sink area before

Sink area after

Vanity area after

 After removing both counter top I had to repair the bottom portion of the sink area due to a leak I had to get fixed. The leak caused the bottom on the sink cabinet to be warped it had to be removed and replaced. For this project I just used plywood, jigsaw, drill, and vinyl floor covering.

My Jigsaw

Section 1

Section 2

Section 4

All Done!! Final Product

These two projects were done over a time period of two weeks, should it take that long no! But hey I work and take care of 2 kids I have to get in where I fit in lol!!

Stay tune for more updates next week!

Talk to ya later


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