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Wash Day!! No Heat till August

It's that time again Wash Day. So I mentioned last week that I might challenge myself to use no heat for the rest of the summer. As per the title you may have figured out already that I am going to use no heat until August. You may ask by no heat what exactly do you mean? I mean no heat at all direct or indirect. I will have two heat passes during this period of time. I will keep ya'll updated every wash day about how it is going.
So for this wash day I tried a new condition mask for my pre-poo this time HerStyler argan oil hair mask. It smelled really good and left my hair really shiny even before I put in my leave-in and hair oil. I used the same shampoo, condition and let my hair dry until about 70 percent in my turbie twist.

I then put my hair into three sections to detangle with my wide tooth comb and my Cantu Shea Butter leave-in. Surprising is was a lot easier to detangle this week then last week. Maybe the hair mask did more then I thought, who doesn't love when detangling is a breeze.
I then braided each section in a large braid and sealed it with grapeseed oil. At this point my hair was still damp about 80 percent dry, so it will dry overnight and I will take it out in the morning.
When getting up this morning I didn't do much to my hair all day just wore it just like this. I did some more work out side and rearranged my living room, but more on that in a later post. I decided to wear my hair in two asymmetrical french braid and pin it up in the back. I didn't come out as neat as I would like, but hey practice make perfect and then I use my moisturizing mix on my edges and tired it down. In the morning I will be able to take off the scarf and bonnett and just go.
What is your favorite get up and just go styles? Leave a comment below.

Stay tune for the next DIY post Friday.

Talk to ya'll later


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The Wash Day Experience

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