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Who says......you can't buy yourself flowers?

Let's just say I am not a girly girl, but I do like flowers! My favorite flowers are Calla lilies and Tulips. I always had that mentality that only a man could give you flowers and at that rate I was never going to get any, lol!! So I was sitting at home one day just thinking I want some flowers to go on my new desk I bought, it would make it look soooo much better. It got me to thinking whoever said that you can't buy yourself flowers? Was it a society thing.... well I'm never one to go with tradition or follow all the rules, so I was like fuck it I'm buying myself some flowers today! So began the tradition of buying myself flowers once a week for my desk!

You may think flowers are expensive but there really not! I buy my flowers from the Publix supermarket about $6.99 for a half dozen and they last me for a whole week. I spend more the seven dollars on lunch everyday, so I replace one of those lunches for flowers for my desk. Now, Publix doesn't have Calla lilies, so one day I will have to go the florist and get me some, but for now Publix has a pretty good selection.

What are some traditions or society expectation your saying to hell with, lol! Leave a comment below!
Also stay tune to a new DIY post tomorrow!

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