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Yard work, Fire pit, Chess, and Smore's......O MY!!!

Well my day started early with a little yard work, me and my son racked some leaves and cleared some of the mess that is my yard. We did this for about 2 1/2 hours before we decided to quit. My neck my back, lol!!! This area was full of leaves, so we got a lot accomplished!
And after a little resting, I headed to Walmart to get a fire-pit for my deck. I was going to grill later and wanted to hang on the porch later tonight, but it gets a little chilly so I wanted a fire pit to stay warm, I got this one from Walmart for $29.99, not bad!!!
I later grilled some ribs, chicken legs and corn for dinner, along with some baked beans.
After dinner me any my son decided to pay a little Chess, he won one game and so did I. This has become a kind a weekend tradition for us now, trying to beat each other lol!! We are serious bout this, I'm telling y'all, lol!
And last, but not least we made Smore's!! Whats a day without Smore's!!
So how did ya'll spend your Saturday!! Leave a comment below!


Check back on Monday for another Hair post!!

Talk to y'all later


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