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Carpet No More!!!

Let's continue with the master bedroom renovations. As I was telling ya'll before everything in the house was blue, countertops and carpet. While I do love carpet, the last owners of the house had a dog and while it has been 8 years I am still seeing dog hair, IKR!. Well lets began with a little before pics, please do not pay attention the the mess that is my room, I took these pics when in the process of clearing everything out of the bedroom area. As you can see I did this project on 07.20.2013.

Don't laugh at my bootleg TV stand I was trying to decide what I wanted to do, lol!. As you can see under the carpet was also padding and it was stapled to the floor. Lucky I did not have to replace any of the sub-floor and could put the flooring right down. Here is the bedroom cleared out, all the carpet pulled up and clean sub-floor.
I choose the Traffic Master Brazilian Cherry Laminate Flooring from Home Depot you can see it here . I used Roberts Laminate and wood flooring installation kit. Even though it got some bad reviews, it did very well for me, you can find it here . I bought 10 boxes and had 1 1/2 boxes left. I also bought the under padding for the floor, so when walking on the floor it would not have that hollow sound. I couldn't find the exact one I used sorry. It took me all day to install and my beautiful niece helped me. I did have to use my jigsaw to cut some of the pieces to size but it was not hard at all.
This is the after my new faux hard wood floors. I love it so much.
Sneak Peek of Master Bedroom area, Reveal coming soon!

Have you had to replace any floors in your home? Leave a comment below and a link if you have a post.

Stay tune tomorrow for the next DIY post on my master bath.

Talk to ya'll later


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