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I'm Feeling Faint.... (Vintage Fainting Couch or Chaise)

I was looking for a piece of furniture for my room that I could use to sit and watch T.V., read a book or just chill, instead of using my bed. I started with a search on Pinterest for seating in a master bedroom and while it had some great ideas the one that caught my eye was the chaise, I just loved how they look and the elegance it had while also being casual.
This pictures from above are courtesy of Pinterest. I really loved how the chaise in these pictures looked comfortable and inviting! I just want to curl up on one and read a book! I began by searching Craigslist for the perfect one! After about a month I lucked up on the perfect chaise, and with a little work it would be a great addition to my master bedroom.
Do you just love it and to think it was only $50 what a steal!! I wasn't in love with the color of the wood and the fabric needed to be replaced, but for the money I knew I could make it work! So I search around for the stain color I thought would look great and I found it a Sherwin Williams. The stain is by Minwax in the color Red Mahogany 225. I sanded the chaise and applied the first coat of stain.
It took about three coats to get the color I wanted. I did not fill in any of the imperfections with wood filler because I like the way they brought character to the piece.
After the stain finished drying I put it in my room to get the feel of how it would look and how I wanted to arrange my room to make it fit perfectly. The top pictures show how it looks when my room is clean (which is hardly ever, lol) and the bottom picture is how it usually looks!
I still have to add some new batting, replace the fabric and add the new trim, but I am loving it so far and use it almost every day. The pictures don't tell that the fabric needs to be replaced but it is faded and lost off of its luster. So I bought some crush red velvet fabric to use as a replacement, 4 yard for $30 dollars and 4 yards of trim for $3 dollars
Stay tune for more updates on this DIY! What do y'all have in the works? Leave a comment below!

Talk to ya later.


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