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Jewelry Wall

My jewelry collection has been a mess for the past couple of years. I finally decided to do something about it and began searching pinterest for a little inspirations. If you don't know what pinterest is check it out and don't blame me when you become addicted, lol! Here is the one that caught my eye.
Here is what my jewelry organization looked like before. Also note that it was located in my bathroom and the new set-up is in my walk in closet.

I had most of the materials already so this project cost me about $20. I began by making the frames to hold my earrings. I use picture frames I had already, wallpaper $.79, and screen netting that I already had as well.

I bought 3 dowels and hooks ($13) to hold my bracelets and necklaces I cut the dowels to size with my jigsaw and used my hot glue gun to wrap the dowels with the same wrapping paper used in the frames.

I then measure and marked the area with a pencil I wanted to use in my closet to see how it would all fit.

I then hung all of the materials I created and bought and here is the final product.

How do you organize your jewelry? Leave a comment below!!
Talk to you later

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