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Just another Wash Day!

Another Wash Day. I began prepping to wash my hair last Thursday (05/08) and didn't actual wash it till Saturday (05/10)! See what happen on my normal wash day which is ususally Saturdays 05/03 the wash day I missed) my daughter was having her birthday party and since it was a water party I was like no use washing my hair as it will only get wet. I was going to wash it the next day Sunday but then I got sick and did not get out the bed till Monday for work, so last week was a very bad hair week, lol!
Thursday night I intended to wash my hair I got home and put in the Her Styler argan oil mask for my pre-poo and let it sit in my hair while I did some choir and then watched a little T.V. Next thing I know it Friday morning lol, so I put my hair in a wet top knot and went to work (yes I did).
I washed my hair Saturday night about 10:00 pm and I used the same shampoo, conditioner,I then put my hair into three sections to detangle with my wide tooth comb and my Cantu Shea Butter leave-in. I let my hair dry to about 50 percent and then created four french braids, sealed with grapeseed oil and let it air dry. I used french braids because I can't corn roll. :(
Sunday night I just seal my braid with grapesee oil and went to bed. The next morning (this morning, lol) I just let the braid loose and pen my hair back.
How was your wash day? Leave a comment below.
Stay tune for the next DIY post Friday.
Talk to ya'll later
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The Wash Day Experience

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