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Protective Styles


I didn't wash my hair this weekend call it lazy. I just something about a 3 day weekend that I just didn't want to, lol!!
So I thought what are some good protective styles for the summer? Here are some that I just love for the summer. 

My all time favorite is the top-knot, as you will now when you live in the south it is just to hot to wear your hair down, if it's past shoulder length. 

Next I love a good braid-outs I don't like to use a lot of heat styling in the summer as I mentioned before it's just to hot. I usually don't wear the braid out down but will put in in a faux bob or something to keep it off my neck and shoulders. 

And last but not least I love braids!! You just install them and it frees up so much of your time! Just pop on a bonnet at night get up in the morning and moisturize and your out!  

How do you wear your hair for the summer? Leave a comment below!

Talk to ya later


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