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Spring Cleaning and Organization Linen Closets

I haven't started or finished any DIY project this week. I've been focusing on Spring cleaning lately and getting my house in some kind of order. Both of my linen closets have been in needs of attention for a while now and I have been putting it off.. I spent this past weekend cleaning and organizing both closets. Let's check out the before pictures.
This is the before hallway linen closet
The linen closet in my master bathroom before. Yes this is wine and flooring in my closet, lol! I told you it was a mess, but the wine and the flooring have found another home!
I went in search for some baskets or container to organize my closet with, as usually I went to Pinterest for inspiration. I like the look of the navy containers and set out on a hunt for them.
I found them online at Lowe's for $5.98 a little steep for the size and way out of my price range, I wanted this to be a low budget project. I would need a least 20 containers and at that price it would have been $120 before tax, NO WAY!
I then lucked up and saw they had the same container in another color, green and I thought what am I going to do with a green containers, I thought you could spray paint them another color. After going back and forth I notice only one store had them and I ran out quickly to buy them as they had a limited supply. And quess how much I paid for 20 of those, drum roll please...... $30 before tax a saving of......$90!! Whoop Whoop!! Happy dance inserted here, lol!

So after my mad dash to the store I came home and began to work, and let's see the results!
Hallway Closet before and after

The master bedroom closet before
I think it was a job well done, lol. Have you done any Spring cleaning or organization?

Talk to ya'll later


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