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Wash Day 5 months

I am five months post this month, and I am still on my no heat challenge with three months to go. I deep conditioned on dry hair with Shea Mositure Anti-Breakage Masque it was given to me so I tried it out. I not sure that I like it that well, but I only used it once and the first impression was not the best.
I then wash with my Chi Shampoo and Conditioner, and used my Cantu Shea leavin and detangled with my wide tooth comb. I twisted each detangles section, put on my bonnet and let it air dry overnight.
The next day (Sunday) I took out the twist and mositurized with Optimum Damage Antidote and sealed with Olive Oil. I brushed through each section and put them into a ponytail to smooth the roots.
Later that night I used my flexi-rods to set my hair. I used the Cantu Shea Butter on each section before wraping the hair around the flexi-rods. I them put my bonnet on to and let the set dry over night.
The next morning I took down the flexi rods and added some Proclaim Glossing Polish for shine and frizz control.
This is my hair after raking my hands through my hair.
How was your wash day! What style are you wearing for the week?
Talk to ya'll later.

The Wash Day Experience

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