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Weekend Thrifting

I haven't been to the thrift store in awhile (6 months), I put myself on a thrift store ban, due to my un controllable shopping there. I always justified my over shopping due to the great prices, but still I would just buy thing because it was a good deal and not because I actually needed it.
This past weekend me and my mom went and I fought to control my spending. We went in looking for a specific piece of furniture for my mom, we didn't find it but I got some other great deals. I loving shopping for jewelry at the thrift store because they have unique pieces that you wont see anyone else with. Here are some pieces I got for $1 each.
I also knew I wanted to replace my desk chair and had an idea of what I wanted! My vision was nothing like the chair I found at the thrift store for only $5, but now that I got it home and next to my desk I know its the right style. I still have to recover the seat part, but other than that I love the paint job on it already.

I also purchased this shelf for $2.99 to go with a DIY project I'm working on in my kitchen. More to come on that later.
I also bought some other supplies from the hardware store for a DIY project that I have in the works hopefully I can get it done for this Fridays DIY post. We shall see.
Have you done any thrift shopping lately? Can you guess what I am going to use these itms for? Leave a comment below!

Talk to ya later



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