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DIY Cushion Covers

So I bought at patio/desk furniture set on Craigslist last year for $50, but the cushions were not appealing at all. They were this faded green and white color.
I started searching around looking for cushions and let me tell you cushions are expensive!! For the size I needed four cushion would cost me about $250, no way not on my budget!! So I looked around and tried to think how could I cover the cushion on my budget! After searching I got an idea why not use cloth shower curtains to cover them. They repel water and come in great colors. I search and finally found this pattern that goes with the theme I had in my mind.
My mom help me make these cushions covers because I can't sew, so we laid the cushions out, cut and sewed them together. We left a slit so we could take the covers off and wash them if needed.
This is what the cover looked after they were sewn together.
Each shower curtain cost me $18 so that about $60 total. Here is the finished cushions on the furniture.
Have you ever used shower curtains for anything but the shower? Leave a comment below.

Talk to y'all later

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