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DIY Earring Holder

Happy Friday y'all!! This week I will show you how I made these DIY earring holders for only $.79! Yes!!! Remember when looking to do a DIY project check all around you home for supplies you may already have.
Supplies need:
1. Picture Frames
2. Wrapping paper, fabric, etc.
3. Screen or wire
4. Glue Gun
5. Nails or Hooks
Here is the finished project, to see detail for the complete project check out my Jewelry Wall post!

First start with as many picture frames you may need. I already had these two laying around my house not being used. Take the frames apart and removed the existing pictures.

Next take out the glass and lay flat on the background for the holder, I use a thick wrapping paper that I found at the thrift store for $.79. Place the glass on the the paper and cut out the amount of paper needed with about 1-2 inches excess around to glue to the glass.

Repeat the process for the screen.
Finally reassemble the frame, hang and add your earring!
Hope you enjoyed the post! How do you store your earrings?

Talk to ya'll later


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