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Fitness Friday/ My Fitness Story (in progress)

My first Fitness Friday, post, I'm excited!!
I haven't always been fitness motivated to tell the truth I'm still not. I am getting older and the pounds seem to be just creeping up on me. There are a lot of factors that made me want to get in better shape, my weight gain of course, high blood pressure runs in my family (luckily I don't have it and don't plan on getting it) and also I have stomach issues and exercising helps with that.
Some people may look at me and say you don't need to lose weight you look fine, but we all know how we want to look and feels and sometimes other can't see that. My stats are I'm 5'6 and my weight jumps between 140-145, my heaviest has been 156. I've be hovering around 145 for about a 6 months now, my goal is 135 and a flat tummy (crosses fingers).
I mostly like to run for my exercise, if you follow me on instagram you have seen all of my obnoxious post lol!! I've always wanted to run and for years never thought I could because I would get shin splints and my ankles would hurt. I finally went to a running shop and got the right shoes and I was off!!

What are your fitness goals? Leave a comment below!
Talk to y'all later
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Fitness Friday

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