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Relaxer Day 06/15/2014

Hey all I relaxed my hair this past Sunday, I think I am only a couple day shy of six months but hey who counting, lol! I usually relax when I feel I just can't take another day with dealing with my two textures when it is so close to that six month mark.
I used the Optimum Salon selects in regular. I used everything in the box, and wore gloves to protect my hands. I don't do anything special like protecting my scalp with Vaseline and other thing, I just get to it, lol! I usually don't time myself when putting in my relaxers but I have been under relaxing my hair the last couple of time so I did this time. It took me 13 mins to put it in and I waited 7 more mins to wash it out. Total of 20 mins like the box suggest. So we shall see what its looking like when I do my 1st wash next week.
After washing out the relaxer I used one of my heat passes to blow dry and flat iron my hair. And here are the results!
Here is the bra length check, the first one is from Dec 2013 and the other one is from yesterday.
Looking a the 1st and 2nd picture it looks like my ends are breaking off some. Although it doesn't look like it my hair was 23 inches in the back for both pictures. I know why, it could because I have not cut them in over a year and I believe that is why. I am going to go and get my hair cut and I will probably cut 3 inches off in the back and 1-2 inches off of the sides. Hopefully by next relaxer I will be back at that length and onto a fresh start. My sides are growing back nicely from when I cut them into layers, they are catching up with the rest of my hair.
I would call this a minor set back nothing major, I will probably cut my hair back to right above bra strength to give it a cleaner healthier look. I am not stressed about this set back, this is the only one I have had since being on my hair journey, (started in 2008) hell I am doing good!!

Talk to yall later


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