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The Last Wash Day!

So this is the last wash day before relaxer day. I plan on relaxing my hair this weekend. I started my wash day with a pre-poo as usual. I used a protein pre-poo to help strengthen my hair for the relaxer.

I then wash with my CHI Shampoo and conditioner and detangle my hair with my Canut Shea Leave-in. I proceeded to blow dry my hair on cool, I find that blow drying my hair before my relaxer help smooth the relaxer in and I dont have to be bother with tangles.
For the final results I just put on a head band and wore big hair, lol!!
Check out my YouTube channel for my last relaxer update video, so you can see those results and my length.

Stay tune for a Relaxer update soon

Talk to yall later


The Wash Day Experience

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