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What's in my Gym Bag! Fitness Friday

Last week I told you guys my fitness story, now lets talk about what I take to the gym! First up is my gym bag, of course you have to have one of those!!! I've had it for years, like 10 or more, lol I take care of my things, plus it was free! I always pack my bag the night before.
I lay my workout essential out the night before, so I can put them on in the morning for the gym!

I have to have my heart rate monitor, pedometer, ipod and head phones!
Next I have to pack my work clothes, I usually got to the gym in the morning before work! If you follow me on instagam, you know I am pulling off 4 am workouts!!
For after the work out I take my shower essentials, can't go to work smelly now can we! I pack all the things I will need for in the shower and after. I put it all in this Mary Kay roll-up bag.
After my shower and I am all dress, in the car head to work I take my post work out protein shake!
What do y'all carry in your gym bags?! Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later


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Fitness Friday

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