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Fitness Friday.. Affordable workout clothes!

I remember when I first started working out, I would see people in the cutest work out clothes! I wanted the Nike pros gear, shoes, socks, I wanted it all,lol till I saw those prices. Being a budget I could not spend $50 on one item to workout in, that was ridiculous for me!
So I started looking around for sales, I went to the Nike outlet and while they had way better prices then in the main store the prices were still out of my range most of the time! So I just told myself I would just have to get over my Nike obsession (but they make cute workout clothes tho!).
I remember going into T.J. Maxx looking for something for my house and I decided to look in there workout section. Man did I hit the jackpot insert Dougie here, lol!! Man I found, Avis, Champion, Adidas and more and I was in workout heaven!! The regular prices ranged from $6-$30 dollars, but I went to the clearance section where the prices dropped drastically $2-$20 dollars sometime more depending on who it is made by!
Here are some examples of what I got! I usually find me tops for around $2-$4 dollars, the pants $5-$7 and the sports bras $4-$10!
Now I did not get the Nikes from there I actually got them from the outlet for about $60 which was an awesome deal! Remember with running or walking shoes you really can't be cheap, but you can pay outlet prices!
I also got this polar watch for FREE!! My job has this fitness program called Virgin Pluse were you can earn points to buy thing and I got my watch free through them, score!!!
Where do you find bargains for your workout gear? Leave a comment below!

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Fitness Friday

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