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My Reading Obsession!!

One of my favorite past times is reading!! I have read so many books over the years that I can't count! Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson ( Alex Cross series )and John Sanford (Lucas Davenport series)! I usually like to ready mystery novel, something with a lot of suspense that will make not want to put the book down!

I haven't actually had time to read lately due to school, but I have been listening to some audio books! I love reading physical and digital books, but sometimes it is easier for me to listen to audio books. I actually listened to my first audio book last month and boy am I hooked!So this month I have listen to two audio books in any spare time I have, like when I am cleaning, riding in the car, at work while working, lol!

The first book I listened too was The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty! This books was soo good and while you might think you know what the secret is, it will blow your mind! I was on the edge of my seat listening to this and the person who read was fantastic!! She was the best, made me think I was there and I could just see in my head images of what was going on!

And the second book is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn! I have been wanting to read this for a while and when I saw they were going to make a movie, I knew I had to get it right away. And I must say I am not disappointed!! I cannot wait for the movie! I am so excited, lol!

I also have an obsession with movies, but that is for another post, my first love is always been reading! Have you read any good books lately? Leave me some suggestions below!

Talk to y'all later!


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