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Technique Thursday- Refreshing Waves!

I love my wave, but I don't want have to sleep in Flexi-rods every night or use heat in the morning! So my heat free and no re-rolling way to preserve my ways is with Bantu knots. I did not put anymore products in my hair I just did several Bantu-knot put on my bonnet and went to bed. Now these waves will look much different but they are still gorgeous in my opinion!
Here is the next morning when I took my hair down and finger combed it out!
And here is the comparison from the last the techniques I used for these waves. In the left pic I used big sections with the Flexi-rods, the middle I used smaller sections with the Flexi-rods
and the pic on the right was the Bantu knot waves!
How to you preserve your waves? Do you like my waves, leave a comment below?

Talk to y'all later!


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