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Wash Day and Marley Twist!


Hello all! I washed my hair this weekend and started off with a hot oil treatment. I then washed my hair with my CHI Shampoo and conditioner. I wrapped my hair with my turby twist warp and let it dry for about 10 mins. I then proceed to use my Cantue Shea butter Leave in and detangled my hair.

I let my hair dry to about 80 percent before I started to install my Marley Twist. I used Femi Collection 100% Kanekalon Marley Braid in 1B each pack cost $4.99, it took me 4 1/2 packets and 1 1/2 days to finish.  I started in the back because this takes me the longest, due to having to get up and make sure my parts are straight.

Here is the finished product below!

Here is a couple of pic of how I wore them out yesterday to a Bridal Shower.
Here is how I wore them to work today!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you get your braids done professionally or have you tried to install them yourself? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later.


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The Wash Day Experience

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