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Wash Day Waves!!

Hello all!! Sorry for the random late post but it is the last week of class and I'm doing a final and last min touches on my project, but enough excuse lets get to the wash day!

I washed with the usual Chi shampoo and conditioner. No hot oil treatment this week! I put in my Cantu leave in and air dried!

I wrap my hair around my Flexi rods to create a wave pattern for my styling. I set it using the Cantu leave in. It actually is a very good setting products as well!!

Here are the results for Monday, it was rolled in big sections for loose waves. 

I then re-rolled my hair Tuesday night in smaller sections and got a tighter wave. Here are those results. 

I love to us my hair tools in unconventional ways to get different results!!

How wash you was day! Do you use you hair tools in any unconventional ways? Leave a comment. 

Talk to y'all later


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The Wash Day Experience

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