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Blogging Update....

As y'all my have notice I have been lacking in my post lately. I apologize I am back in classes and my kids are in school so time is stretched. I am going to have work on my time management skills.

As you know I have twist so I have only been doing the minimum to my hair nothing to exciting. And as far as my DIY projects I usually have a set number of project for the summer and then regroup for the next season. I don't normally DIY in the winter months.
I thinking about making my future DIY Friday post about what i plan to doing the future in a particular room in my home, inspirations I have found and get your opinions on what direction to take. 

Thank y'all for being apart of my blog and continuing to visiting my blog. Feel free to make suggestion on what you want to see or anything you want to know!

Talk to y'all later


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