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I have never been one to wear make-up everyday or at all for that matter. I just started wearing foundation and it is ok, but I have found I like tinted moisturizers better with a hint of concealer and blush.  I really love the natural look when it comes to make up and nothing over the top. I've been trying to introduce lipsticks  into my makeup collection for some time. I am kinda of scared of colored lip products. Although I like natural make-up I do like it when other bloggers or youtubers wear natural makeup with a colored lip.

Since I didn't know if I was ready to invest in lipsticks yet, I went searching for some inexpensive alternatives. I found the CVS was having a sell on the wet and wild lipsticks. They are originally $1.99 great price and were buy one get one 50% off. Hey you can't beat that, so I bought four different colors to try out.
This one is call Stoplight Red.
Mauve Outta Here!
 Sugar Plum Fairy!
  Purty Persimmon/Reflet Orange!
 I am not sure about the Mauve color, but I like the others. Now to get into the habit of wearing them. It is so much easier to wash your face and go, without having to think about make-up.

Which one do you like the best?Have you always wore make-up or are you knew to the game like me? Leave me suggestion on how to choose what colors or looks are right for my skin tone! Leave a comment below.

Talk to y'all later


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