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All Primed Out!!

So I left off last week telling y'all that I was getting ready to make over the second bathroom in my house. This past weekend I taped everything off and started priming. I already had a gallon of primer on hand  in white and thought I could use that. But as you can see from the top left pic the flowers still showed through. So I took it back to Sherwin Williams and had them add a bit of black paint to make it gray, to cover the print on the walls.

 As you can see from the pictures below this made a huge difference! It took me 2 days to prime the bathroom! Not because it was huge, but because I did it in between helping kids, doing my homework and just day to day living!
 Below the bathroom is all primed and ready for the new coat of paint, I also primed the cabinets as I am going to paint them the same color as my bathroom cabinets.

Here are some colors I am leaning towards. I really like the Mariner, but I think it will be too dark for the space, due to the fact this bathroom does not have any windows and gets no natural light. So I am leaning towards Spa and possibly Meander Blue, but hey I could get the paint store this weekend and completely change my mind.


I still have to find a new faucet, pick the new trim for the mirror and decide what color to paint the counter tops Decisions, Decisions, lol!!

Are y'all doing any remodeling, if so link below so I can check it out! Which paint color do you like, leave a comment below.

Talk to y'all later!


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