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Bathroom Makeover begins.....

This weekend I will start the makeover of my other bathroom. I am excited because this will be less work than my master bathroom. I only have 6-7 weeks to get it finished. I don't really have a budget to do the bathroom, but I have guest coming in November and this is a long overdue project.
I have collected some items from the thrift store and other item I had on hand already. I should only have to buy paint and some new accessories for the bathroom. 

Here are before pictures: 

Man kids can trash a bathroom lol! I am forever cleaning it. The cabinets will be painted the same color as my masterbath cabinets and I will replace the knobs. Here are the colors I am looking at with bronze accents.
 Pretty Aqua, teal, greyish brown color scheme - love this colour scheme 
I think I am going to paint the walls the second color from the top. Pretty Aqua, teal, greyish brown color scheme - love this color scheme. Here are a couple of inspiration pics as well, not necessarily the colors but the decor and organization that i like.

I love the color of the walls in this bathroom
I love the shelves over the toilet!
bathroom - dark brown wood, green walls, black floating shelves 
While these are my inspiration, it could change as I go along with the makeover. Do you like what I picked so far? Any suggestion of DIY bathroom projects? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later


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