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Last Wash Day 2014!!

Hello all, so this is my last wash day of 2014!! Yay are y'all exited for your 2015 hair journey I am. I am going to try my best to reach full MBL or WL by Dec 2015. This wash day was no different then the ones from the past few weeks, except I broke my no heat challenge!

Why did I break it you ask, I wanted to get a good length check before starting my 2015 hair growth journey and I needed to see where my length was. So I blow dried and flat ironed my hair. I am going to post on Jan 1, 2015 all the details of my 2015 hair goals and have pictures, so look out for that!

O! I almost forgot, I have also decided to stretch my relaxer until the one year mark, so my next relaxer won't be until June 2015. Also a more detailed post to come on that decision as well!

Here are some some of the hair style I wore in 2014!


What are your 2015 hair goals? Leave a comment below!

Thank for following my blog this year, and I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Talk to y'all in the New Year!


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The Wash Day Experience

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