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Wash Day No Heat!

Hello All!! I'm back with another wash day. I am currently on a no heat challenge that will potentially run until June of 2015! 
So I started with my usual wash routine. 
My new growth is super thick this month. 

I then put my hair in four section to begin the blow drying process. I took a close up picture on my hair after blow drying  to show texture shots. 

I moisturizer and sealed my hair after blow drying.  I use the Optimum Alama Damage Antidote as a moisturizer and seal with Olive Oil.

I then wrapped hair to tame it a little bit. And the next morning unwrapped it and wore it down. 
I added some of my Proclaim glossing polish for shine and frizz control. 

The famous car selfie, lol!! 

How was your guess wash day? Leave a comment below! 

Talk to talk later!


The Wash Day Experience
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