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Wash Day Decisions Decisions....

Hello y'all! So I know you guys are wondering where is my relaxer update post, since I am officially 6 months post since the 15th!? Let's just say you will not be getting a relaxer update from me for a while. NO!!!!! I am not going natural, lol. I know that is the first question that has popped into your head, but again I repeat, NO!!! I am not going natural. I will do a full post on my decision not to relax in another post! So on to the wash day!!

I started this wash day out with a hot oil treatment, I find my hair gets very dry during the winter months so I like to add this to my wash days.
I then washed with my usual hair products from the Design Essentials line!
Here I am showing my hair textures, I have a lot of different ones, lol!
After blow drying my hair on cool, I use my Cantu Shea Butter leave-in as my product to shape my six bantu knots. I did large ones because I wanted a loose wave!  I then let them set over night.
This is the result this next morning
When I first take them down they are a little tight, but about an 30-40 minutes they will fall like I want them too!
And here you have it the end result!
I should be working, but had to take a selfie!

How was your wash day!? Leave a comment below! 

Talk to y'all later


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The Wash Day Experience

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