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First Wash Day 2015!

Yay the first wash day in my new hair journey! I am excited to see what 2015 will bring for my hair journey.  I am going to be focused on protective styles for this year. I will be featuring a lot of protective styles, so sorry if it gets a little boring, I will try to be very creative with my styles.

I started this wash day with my same shampoos and conditioners.

I then used two leave-in and proceeded to blow-dry my hair on cool.
Here is a picture of my new growth.

And then I styled my hair, the first picture is how I would wear it if I wasn't looking to use a protective style. The second picture shows how I will be wearing my hair for the week. For each wash day I will try to create a protective style I can wear for the whole week.

How was your wash day, what is your favorite protective style? Leave a comment below!
Talk to y'all later

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The Wash Day Experience

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