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My Hair Regimen


I've had the same regimen since starting my hair journey in 2008. I keep my regimen short and simple. I don't like to spend hours doing my hair, so I try to make it as painless as possible, lol.

Here is an overview of what I do.

  1.  I deep condition or prepoo on dry hair using my deep condition products and oils. I usually leave this on for hours or maybe even a day or two just depends
  2. I wash my hair in the shower, I shampoo twice and condition once. I always wash my conditioner out with cold water.
  3. I  apply my leave-in depending on the hair style I am going to wear for the week.
  4. I either let my hair air dry or blow dry it.
  5. If I am wearing my hair flat-ironed I will put a serum in my hair and then flatiron it.
  6. During the week if my hair is flat-ironed I will wrap it every night and add serum. If it is air-dried or any other style I will use my moisture mix.

I currently relax my hair ever 6 months.(Although I am on a year long stretch right now)

While my regimen my be simple, so is my use of products for years, I have barely change products unless I had to. I will post next week my staple products for my regimen. 

Talk to y'all later.


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