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The Fastest Wash Day!

Man this wash day was the fasted ever! I usually wash my hair on Saturdays or early on Sundays. This past Saturday I had to attend a friends birthday celebration that night, so I didn't have time before hand to wash my hair. I was so tired Sunday from the night before that I didn't start the process to wash my hair until late that night about 8 pm. I heated up some oils to do a hot oil treatment and then coated the length of my hair with V05 conditioner and put on a deep condition cap. Since I am not using heat I decided to work on some school work, by reading the next chapter for the week while waiting for the deep condition and oil to work there magic. Can you say EPIC FAIL, the next thing I know the alarm clock is ringing and it 5:15 am Monday morning, I have to leave the house at 7:15 am to be on time for work!

Man when I say today was the fasted wash day ever! I jump into the shower and washed out my deep condition and oils, shampooed and conditioned in record time. When I got out of the shower it was 6 am and my hair was done and styled at 7:00 am, breaking records in wash day time, lol! I used the same products as I always do on wash days.

One new product I got last week was the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creme Hair Dress. I found that by not using heat to straighten my hair it is a lot dryer for some reason. I never had a problem with my hair being dry when I use heat to straighten it, no sure what's up with that. So I had to buy a moisturizing product and saw this in the store and decided to try it out.  Once I am finished blow drying my hair I apply the Olive Oil creme to each section of my hair and then seal it with almond oil and styled.

This week for my protective style I will be wearing a french braid with the ends tuck under to protect them. I will not be taking it down every night to redo the style, but instead will put a bonnet on every night to preserve the look. The only thing I will possibly change will be my headbands each day.

How was your wash day this week, what is your record time for your fastest wash day? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later


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The Wash Day Experience

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