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See what happened was.......LIFE!

So where do I begin, rewind four months to my last blog post and I was just recreating a beautiful hairstyle from  Saving Our Strands and all was well in the world, lol! Then I was taking two classes, planning birthdays and teaching my son how to drive. Doesn't sound like much but it is when you work 40 hours a week and go to school full time as well. Let start with a couple of updates....

Hair update:

Last we left I was on a year of no relaxer journey, I can proudly say that I am still on that journey and I currently have two weeks left before relaxer time. If you follow me on instagram you will see I installed some Marley twist in my hair about six weeks ago. This was much needed for me as I was getting lazy with my hair and didn't have the time to maintain it as I should.  I just uninstalled them this past Friday and I must say my new growth is not the business, lol!(Bottom left picture is today:o)

Life Update:
Shortly after my last post in February, I had a leak in my roof and had a roofer come out and check on it. It was recommended that my roof needed to be replaced as if was nearing 15 years old. I have been living in my home for 8 years and this is the first major issue I have had since being here.  They suggest that I file an insurance claim as the damage was weather related, long story short the insurance company changed my policy and were refusing to pay my claim, and to replace my roof would cost me $5,000!! As you can guess it was a stressful time dealing with that, but in the end I was able to prove my roof was less than 15 yrs old(in my policy if my roof was over 15yrs they paid the depreciated value of my roof not the cost to replacement, not what I signed up for at all, coincidence that it just change when my roof was about to be 15 yrs old, I think not!!!!) and I got a new roof!

 Once, that was solved my dryer broke and I spent about 2 hours researching how to fix it on my own, and I must say I did and it is still working to this day, lol!. I also had a birthday BBQ for my son who turned 16 this past March, and then I had to say goodbye to my most favorite person my cousin Ashley who moved to Atlanta for a new job! I was sad but just as proud of her for making such an important move in her career!
And last but not least my youngest child had her 9th birthday in May and we celebrated at the bowling alley. And this past weekend I went to Atlanta for the Jazz festival and a last bit of fun before class starts again. I am also getting my 16yr old ready to take his driving test. (Pray for me!)
 School update:
As you all know I am currently a student in grad school and while it has been a long road, it is finally coming to an end. I am currently in my last term and will hopefully be graduating in July with my masters degree. I am ready for this chapter to end and for my days of school to be over, it has been so stressful balancing everything and I can't wait for a little rest.


Well that's my update, sorry for the MIA status! 

Talk to y'all later!


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