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1st Impression Lace Front Wig

I have been looking into getting a lace front wig for a while but for the amount of money they cost I had to be sure it was going to be what I wanted. When I am bout to spend more money then I want, to invest in something, I have to do a lot of research. Many say you can't put a price on something if you want it to be good quality, and I do agree, but when I have to order off the internet and can't touch or feel what I'm getting I am very cautious.  And to show how serious it is I have been researching for over two years  looking at different types of wigs. I finally found this wig from watching a YouTuber named JaylaKoriyan see video here.

The shipping was very fast I ordered the wig from Premier Lace Wigs on 06/11/2015 and received it on 06/18/2015. Here are the specs on the wig:
Brazilian Virgin Kinky Straight
Length: 20" Inch
Color: 1b
Cap Size: Medium
Lace Color: Medium Brown

Here are pictures of how it was packaged.
I forgot to take pictures of the wig right out the box, but here is picture of the hair wet after I washed it. There is a lot of texture to the hair and I love it.

Here are pictures of after I tweezed the part and put some concealer on it and the hair is also flat-ironed here as well.
I was a little nervous to wear it out the house, lol! I decided that I would go wine tasting with one of my friends, so I put some loose curl into the hair with my curling wand and went for it! Here is how it turned out.

A  photo from the vineyard.

My first impression of this hair is that I love it!!! I am glad I waited until I was sure of what I wanted and didn't just rush out and buy the first wig I saw. The texture is amazing and looks just like my relaxed hair. It holds a curl really well and I can't wait to try different looks with this hair! I believe that this wig was very much worth the money I paid for it!

What to do think of this wig and do you wear wigs? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later.


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