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Almost 12 Months Post Wash Day!

Hello all long time no wash day post, lol! I washed my hair this past Monday at almost 12 months post relaxer! I will be officially 12 months post on June 15! I can't believe I made it, I think the braids really saved me towards the end there. So let's get to the wash day, I am still using the same products and the same regimen.

I must say that hands DOWN this Design Essential leave-in blow drying conditioner is the TRUTH!! After taking my braids out my hair was matted in some areas and I made the mistake of putting deep conditioner on it and not detangling and then getting in the shower! When I say I  was TRIPPING when I did that I mean I was TRIPPING, but this Leave-in got every single matted hair in check and with minimal damage! If you haven't tried it I highly recommend this product!

Here is a picture of my texture and new growth!
After which I blow dried by hair and wore it in a bun till last night, when I just flexi-roded it to get the curly hair style below! I only used my Cantu-Shea butter to set my hair! And this morning I used Coconut oil to separate the curls and Wala!!

How was your wash day? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later.


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The Wash Day Experience

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