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Relaxed Day 1 year post!

Last night when I got home I relaxed my hair at exactly 12 months post. I parted my hair into four sections and protected the already relaxed portion with the pre-treament provided in the box. I have a post on YouTube on how I apply my relaxers click here to check it out in full details.
I wanted to use the Alma Legend  Optimum relaxer, but my local beauty supply was out of it so I opted to use this one.


Here is a close up of my texture after I relaxed.
And here is my unhappy face after seeing the state of my ends. My hair has grown a lot, but my end are just a mess. It is all my fault as I have not had my hair cut since my last relaxer in June of 2014 and while I did do a lot of protective styles I don't know that I took the best care of my ends.

Here is my current length above, it will change after I get a hair cut later this week. And the below picture shows on the right my hair in June of 2014 and the left shows my hair as of yesterday. As you can see my hair has grow and my thin ends were a problem back last June as well. I am thinking I will cut my hair back up to right above bra strap length.

And here is close up of my horrible end, I'm almost embarrassed to show them, but hey you live and you learn and this picture will remind me of what not to do in the future!

I am not too, upset as I have been wanting to cut my hair for some time now! I am thinking about having it cut into long layers. I am more concerned about the health of my rather than the length, and while I hate my end are a HOT mess, I know it will grow back.

What do you think about my end and how far up would you cut?? Leave a comment below.

Talk to y'all later.


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