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Wash Day Hair Cut!

I went to the Salon this week to get my hair done, by a friend of mine named Tiffany. She washed, styled and cut my hair for me. I am really happy with my haircut I think I made a really good decision on getting it cut. I cut about 3-4 inches off. While it may seem like a lot it was what my hair needed, so that's what I did. I sorry I forgot to ask what she shampooed and wash my hair with, I think it was Paul Mitchell products.

This bottom picture is after the hair cut, I didn't get any pictures at the salon, sorry.

Here is a comparison of my hair before and after the hair cut.
And her is after it was wrap and the curls were gone.

Finally a picture from the front


How do you like the new cut? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later.


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The Wash Day Experience

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