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Wig Wash Day


I was late washing my wig this week. Here is the run down! My hair is still in braids so I just put oil on my scalp and braid every other day. I am going to keep my braids in till July 20th or so.  In my bottle I used olive oil, tea-tree oil, almond oil, grape seed oil and coconut oil.

I washed the hair with this shampoo I received in my Influenter box. 

And conditioned with Herbal Essence hello Hydration conditioner. 

Here is the hair after I washed and conditioned it in the wet state. 

Here it is fully air dried. 

I then used my FHI flatiron to add curls to the hair.
Here is the finished product and curls.

And this is me this morning taking car selfies, lol!
How was your wash day? Leave a comment below. 

Talk to y'all later.


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The Wash Day Experience

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