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5 Quick and Easy Protective Styles!

Hey Ladies, so it is finally fall!! I just love the fall, one because my birthday is in the fall and two because of the cute protective styles I can wear during this colder weather. I don't like to wear my hair down or out as much in the fall due to the damage the cold and wind can do to my hair! I like to keep it protected.

I also like to find quick and easy protective styles that I can do without much fuss! So I decided to share 5 of my favorites with you!

1. It the classic Top Knot! This style can be worn all year around and is just a staple in my protective hair styles!

 2. The Low Bun w/ Side part! There are several ways to wear a low bun, side part, middle part, no part, but I love the side part! Its may favorite because I can create a sort of side swoop in my hair to give it a flair, instead of the traditional low bun!

3. The Twisted-Pin up! You know I love this style, I have a post all about it here and here! You can wear this with textured hair or straight, a very versatile hairstyle for sure!

4. The Tucked French Braid! I love a french braid and every since I learned how to do it a year ago it has been on of my favorites styles. I have worn the classic french braid, tucked french braid and the side french braid! Check out my post here to learn more!

5. The Halo Twist! I cannot corn roll or braid to my scalp so I thought I would never be able to wear the beautiful Halo Braid, I was so sad. But when I learned that I could change it up and create a Halo Twist, I was super excited! You can see my post here!

So which protective style was your favorite? What is your go to quick and easy protective style? Leave a Comment below!!

Also check out my YouTube video on these 5 Quick and Easy Protective Style!

Talk to y'all Later


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