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Wash Day Kinda Fail!

This is my 100th post on my blog! YAY, but on to the wash day.

I did a hot oil treatments yesterday as a part of the 30 Days of  Hot Oil Treatments, that's being hosted by RelaxedThairapy and Jen from Just Grow Already. Check out their Blogs for more details!

I washed my hair yesterday using my normal wash day products. I am currently 3 months post. I'm giving my hair a rest from the protective style and braids this week, I am going to wear my hair out for another week or two, before going back to my wig.


Here is a picture of my hair while wet at 3 months post.

 I proceeded to sit under my hooded dryer to dry my hair. Nice and Fluffy, lol!


I tried to do a Bantu Knot out and it was so late, my hair was not dry this morning, so I did a half up/half down style, lol!

That was my Wash Day this week! How do y'all like the hairstyle and How was you wash day? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all  Later


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 The Wash Day Experience

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