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Wash Day I ORS Shealicious Line

Hey Ladies so I am back for another wash day! I am four month post relaxer. I'm here to share my wash day experience using the New ORS Shealicious Product line. I was contacted by Ashley and she sent me some products to give a try. These products can be found at CVS, Walmart, and local beauty supply stores.   In the box I received some products extras such as shades, notebook and mirror.

I also received one cleaning balm, 3 types of conditioning cocktails and a moisture mist

I first used the cleaning balm to wash my hair. The Cleaning Balm is a sulfate free hydrating shampoo that contains shea butter and coconut. This shampoos is meant to cater to all hair textures and help to moisturize and soften hair.

I then used the Shealicious Moisture Lock cocktail to condition my hair. 

These cocktails are the main attraction of the New ORS Shealicious line. There are 3 different conditioning cocktails! These cocktails combine oil and conditioner to help address common hair problems, such as dry, dull hair and itchy scalp. The cocktails are 2.5 oz and retail for $3.49 

Shealicious Moisture Lock cocktail helps to add extra moisture to dry and brittle hair.
Shealicious Scalp Relief cocktail helps to relieve dry and itchy scalp.
Shealicious Shine Booster cocktail helps to restore shine and luster back to the hair.

Lastly I used the moisture mist to help with my detangling and styling process. The moisture mist is a leave-in conditioning spray that contains shea butter and honey. It also is meant to cater to all hair types and help to moisturize and soften hair. 

I then blow dried my hair and twisted it up into a protective style to wear under my wig. 

My first impression of these products is that they did a great job! But, I will come back and do a full review on this line once I have had time to use the products a little longer. 

For more information on these products and for a live demo check out the video!


Have you tried any of these products or are you wanting to try these products? If so leave a comment below! 

Talk to y'all later

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The Wash Day Experience

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