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My 2015 Hair Journey Hits & Misses!

Hey ladies so as you know 2015 was a year of ups and downs for my hair! Today I am going to give you a recap what I considered to the my hair hits and misses for 2015, Enjoy!  

Hit # 1 Protective Styling

While the beginning of the year started off kind of ruff for me, protective styling saved my life this year! Whether you're a rocking a wig, buns, up-do's, or low manipulation styles protective styling is always beneficial in a healthy hair journey!


Hit # 2 Trimming/Hair cuts

As you all know I cut my hair back in June about 3-4 inches! IKR, Crazy! While cutting your hair can be scary, it is a necessary evil!  Holding on to damaged ends can cause more damage in the long run, then a good trim or hair cut can ever do. So if you hair need to be trimmed or cut take it from me don't wait, or you may end up cutting more than you wanted!


Hit # 3 Great Detangler!

Man if y'all know like I know this a MUST! As you may know in the last part of 2014 I discovered the Design Essentials HCO Leave-in Conditioner and Blow Drying Lotion. Man y'all this leave-in was the BOMB!! This has been a life saver while it is suppose to be a leave-in it works wonders on my hair as a detangler! This stuff turns my new growth into butter and make the detangling process for me that much easier!

Miss # 1 Inconsistent Hair Journey

The first half of 2015 was a total miss for me. I was being down right lazying and inconsistent with taking care of my hair. I lost my motivation and passion to take care of my hair and that lead to my first set-back on my hair journey. I found that I wanted to do to much and one time and it caused be to become burned out and bored with my hair, so this lead to my inconsistent.

Miss # 2 Using too much heat

One of my goal for 2015 was to use less heat. That was an Epic fail on my part. I found that by stretching for a year as the time went on my hair was more manageable when it was blow dried or flat-ironed. This caused me to use more heat then I wanted to, but I was too lazy to stretch my hair using another no heat method. 

Miss # 3 Comparing my hair growth/journey to others

While many people do this and not to say it a bad thing, it can be harmful to you and your hair journey. This first half of 2015, I noticed that I was comparing my hair and hair journey to other amazing hair channels and blogs. While it is ok to compare yourself to other it is not ok to downplay your success or feel inferior about how far you have come on your own hair journey. I have come to realize that I can admire those other women an use them as motivation for my own journey, but I should never expect to get the exact same results as them.

Ok ladies so those were my 2015 Hair Journey Hits & Misses! Did you agree with my hits & misses? What were some of yours leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later
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