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Relaxer Day & Length Check Dec 2015

This is my last post for 2015 and while I did post a lot of content I do feel I slacked off a little, so for 2016 I hope to keep up with my blog post as well as I have been with my YouTube channel, but on to the relaxer day post!

Alright ladies so it has been 6 month and it is that time again! Relaxer Day! I relaxed my hair on Dec 19, 2015 after six months and a couple of days.  I parted my hair into four sections and proceeded to relax my hair. If you want to know how I relax my hair at home then I have an updated video on my YouTube channel just click HERE to check it out! 

I  used the Alma Legend  Optimum relaxer which I purchased from my local beauty supply store for $9.99.
Here is a close up of my texture after the relaxer.

This is my hair after blow drying!

And finally after I flatironed it!

As you may remember I was super unhappy with the state of my ends in my last relaxer day post! This led to me cut off  2-4 inches of hair back in June! I bought a length check shirt and restarted my journey at line number 11! One of my goals from my last relaxer was to retain 3 inches and have my hair grow to line number 14!

 I am glad to state that my ends are looking much better and  I was able to retain the 3 inches I wanted to achieve! My hair is at line number 14 and well on it's way to recovery. With that being said I still have some problem areas to address which will be in my next post My 2016 Hair Goals!


If you would like hear all about my relaxer day, CLICK HERE.
Overall I am happy with my hair and I am ready to gain health and length in 2016! How did your wash day go this week? Leave a comment below! 

Talk to y'all later


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The Wash Day Experience

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