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Hot Oil Treatments 101

Hey ladies so I am back with a post on Hot Oil Treatments. While you can do hot oil treatments at anytime of the year, I believe that are most helpful during the winter month. Due to the cold air and the dry heat in your home from your heating system it can take a toll on your hair. This time of the year your hair is more prone to becoming dry and brittle. I combat this by using hot oil treatments.

So I am going to just spit a little knowledge that I have about hot oil treatments and hopes it help and benefits you as someone on a hair journey like me. So let get to it.

What is a Hot Oil Treatment?
A hot oil treatment is combination of oil that are heated up to help give your hair moisture. I help you hair to look and feel like it has been conditioned with having to condition your hair everyday. It help to combat the effect of damaged or dry hair due to coloring, blow drying or chemically altering your hair. In addition to restoring moisture, hot oil treatments help treat many hair issues while adding body and shine.

How to use/make a hot oil treatment?
To make a hot oil treatment you take any oil you choose and combine them into an applicator bottle or a bowl and warm it up using hot water. While some people like to warm the oils up directly in the microwave I don't. After you have warmed the oil you then can distribute the oil throughout your scalp and down the length of your hair. Place a plastic cap on your hair and sit under the dryer for about 20 mins.

What Oils should I use?
Coconut Oil- is on the few oils that penetrates the hair instead of just coating the hair strands. Coconut oil also allows the structure of the hair to be maintained, while hair becomes less prone to breakage.

Jojoba Oil- is a cleansing and moisturizing oil. Jojoba oil is similar to the natural oils that is produced by your scalp. It mimics that natural condition to  the hair, it adds moisture and also helps to removed build-up from smog/pollution and from use of hair products.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- is a treatment for dandruff and is also used to condition the hair. Black hair is extremely prone to dryness, so it must be kept well hydrated and extra virgin olive oil does that well.

These are  just a few of the oil I use, and by no means are these the only oils you have to use. Make sure you experiment with different types of oils to see what works best for you!

What are the benefits of an Hot Oil Treatment?

Hot oil treatment can help to combat several hair issues

Frizz Fighter- hot oil treatment are great for fighting frizz. Frizz can happen during the winter and summer months. The hot oil treatment help to coat the hair strand and reduce/prevents frizz without weighing down the hair.

Protects against Dandruff and Dry Scalp- by doing a hot oil treatment before shampooing it can help prevent dandruff and dry scalp.

Minimizes color and styling damage- it can help minimize styling and color damage. Treating your hair with heat tools  can lead to cuticle damage, so hot oil treatment are a must if you use a lot of heat. When you hair is color treated it is best to do hot oil treatments along with you regular condition routine. This will help keep color treated hair looking vibrant!

How often or do you use hot oil treatment? Has it benefited you hair? Leave a comment below.

Talk to y'all later


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