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Voluminous Caruso Rollers Curls Wash Day!

Hey ladies so  I am back with another wash day! So this past wash day I started my wash day with an hot oil treatment. I am so loving my hot oil treatment right now. They add so much shine to my hair during these winter months. I have a whole post on hot oil treatments if you want to check it out here.

Then I proceeded to wash my hair with my Aphogee products. I know I said I only use my Aphogee products the first week after I receive a relaxed, but with this crazy weather in Alabama, I though my hair needed some extra help.

I then let my hair air-dry completely. I then use my Caruso Rollers to add voluminous waves. I love these stream rollers they are great for getting curls or waves without using direct heat.  The only product I used in my hair was my Chi Silk infusion. I will be having a YouTube tutorial soon, so make sure you are subscribed to my channel so you won't miss it!


 Here are the results!

So how was your wash day? Have you used Caruso roller before? Leave a comment below!

Talk to y'all later!

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The Wash Day Experience

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