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Where have I Been.......Hospitalized! Crohn's Disease My Story!

Hey Ladies,

I has been a long, long, long, time, I know don't yell at me. I have been going through a really trying time in my life and working on my blog has been on the back burner. If you follow me on my YouTube channel Mrs.DoingMe, then you may have some ideas as to why I have been gone.

Let me start saying, before I left I was not pleased with the way my blog was looking and was working on improving the content, pictures and overall look...but then life happened! I hope to make these changes in the near future, but it all depends on other factors.

I know you may be thinking, well if you had time to make videos, why not blog. For me it is easier to sit in front of a camera and talk, then type what I am feeling. I am not good at expressing myself on paper as I am in a conversation. But hey I'm working on it, lol!

So, while I do talk about a lot of thing on this blog, I never talked to much in-depth about my health, well let rewind to April 2016, I know you thinking your last post was in Feb tho, but remember I was looking into improving my blog so I was researching and checking out my options.

Now I say to rewind back to April, but actually it all started in 2013, when I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). With medicine and the right diet, I was able to manage really well, with little flare-ups here and there.  At this point in my life, I have three doctors who have been following me closely since 2013. My primary, gastroenterologist and hematologist. At that point I had two diagnosis's IBS and Anemia! My anemia was a question the doctors could not answer, All my test were negative for any anemia causing diseases, but yet it was still persistent. I received two round of iron infusion back in 2014 to help boost my iron levels. It worked for a while, but gradually my iron began to go down again and in 2016 everything just hit the fan, as they say.

Even as I write this my stomach is having a flare-up and is in pain, but I must get this up or it will never get done. Back to the story, April 2016 was the start of my health decline.My stomach pains became more intense and frequent. I started to have stomach pains everyday! While some were less intense, others were debilitating, to the point were I could not get out of bed.

I didn't go to my primary doctor until May 24th, why so long, who know, just hoping it would go away or get better (not the case). Saw my doctor and was ordered to have a CT Scan of my right lower abdomen were the pain was the greatest. Done June 2nd and was discovered I had inflammation on my ileum, diagnosed with Ileitis. Given antibiotics and all was right with the world until I finished my meds and then pain returned! I was told to go back to by Gastro doc for follow-up. Call the Gastro doctor and he wanted to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy, to see what was going on.

Fast Forward to the night June 14th, I was scheduled to have the endoscopy and colonoscopy on June 16th and was working on my two day prep! (Hate that prep stuff!). 2:00 am June 15th stomach pains and vomiting start, could not keep anything down, not ever water. Had to wait till doc office open at 8am to talk to a nurse or the doctor. (why wait, this is nothing new, I have episodes of stomach pains and vomiting often). Finally heard from the nurse about 12 pm and did not like her recommendation so asked the doctor to call me back.Talked to him about 2 pm and was instructed to come to the hospital to get admitted, due to possible dehydration.

5:00 pm, I'm taken to my room and I'm so dehydrated, it took the two times to get an IV in, ouch.I stayed in the hospital for 6 days. I was on a liquid diet for 4 of those day and a soft diet for day 5 and 6, just to make sure I could hold my food and not have abdominal pain. Several test were done CAT can with dye of my abdomen, and the endoscopy and colonoscopy. After all the test, I was diagnosis with Crohn's Ileitis.

I am currently out of the hospital and working on getting better, but Crohn's is chronic disease with no cure! I will be fighting this for the rest of my life, but hopefully with the help of my doctors and medication I can keep it under control! If you want to see more about my story, check out the video below.

Thank so much for your love and support!

Talk to ya'll later!


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