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Straight Hair at 5 months post!

I have been getting a lot of questions about how I get my hair so straight when I am 5-6 months post relaxer. Now I must remind you that I have been stretching my relaxers since 2008, so basically I have it down to a science for my hair anyway. 

I find that when you have the right tools and patience you can get your hair to do just about whatever with practice. I have spent many years perfecting my routine and a lot of trial and errors. So don't get frustrated it you can't get it right for a while, just keep working at it.

I find the best way to get my hair straight is to start with a good Prepoo, Shampoo,Conditioner or Deep Condition, leave-in and heat serum or protector. Now remember that by "good" I mean products that work well for you hair, not necessarily the same products I use.

You also will need a good blow-dry the one I use is 1875 watts,has different heat setting and fan settings. You also need to invest in a good flat-iron, I personally use the FHI brand which works great for me.

And the final thing that helps me get my hair straight, shiny, and lots of movement is that I put all of these products in my hair before I blow dry. I find that my hair will look and feel its best when I do my hair this way! Whenever I tried to use products on my hair after I blow-dry it and then flat-iron it never comes out right! 

You might ask but what about heat damage, well 1st of all I don't use heat on my hair that often and if you have good products in your hair before you blow dry it, those products are basically sealed in your hair till the next wash day. I also do not put products on my hair after this unless it feels dry, so I don't necessarily have a moisturize and seal routine, to tell the truth I hardly ever moisturize and seal!

To see what I use on my wash day you can click HERE.

Here are some pictures from 11/24/2014 5 months post!

See all that movement, loves it, lol!!

I usually wash my hair once a week and to maintain the sleek straight look I just wrap it at night!

I hope this help answer your questions, if not leave me a comment below!

Talk to y'all later


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